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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

David's love of art is handed down again #parenting #kids

David is so passionate about creating things.

He's great with everything from mechanics to watercolor.

He especially loves to guide the kids with anything art-related.

Today, it was watercolor.

He takes the time to get out all the best materials including the correct type of paper and paint brush, and even makes certain to contain the mess by putting a smock on Nolan and protecting the table.

He's so patient, too! He'll sit there for hours with them, allowing them all the time they need to express themselves through whatever medium.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Riding bikes and scooters and even playing a little basketball #familyfun #kids #parenting

All of a sudden, every weekend here lately has been dreary, cold, cloudy, gloomy, and all those things that make you want to snuggle down in the couch all weekend.

Alas, we have two kids so that's just not happening.

Instead, we bundled up and walked down the street to spend a few hours at the school. We rode bikes and scooters and even played a little basketball.

The helmet Nolan has on is the very first helmet Emily ever owned. It's still beautifully decorated with all those random things she chose at the very first Bike Fair. Nolan loves it and gets complemented on it daily.

If there's one thing Nolan loves more than cars it's balls. Soccer, baseball, football, and most especially basketball. He scores more often than not, which is always surprising as the nets are so high!

Emily took some time to show off some of the skills she's been learning in gymnastics. Lots of flips over the bars and even the nets at the playground today.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Third grade randoms - dioramas and cute outfits #kids #motherhood #parenting #school

 Instead of her normal weekly homework, which consists of spelling practice, reading, math sheets, and writing about the books she is reading, Emily was asked to complete an animal report and diorama.

She could choose any animal she wanted!

She chose the macaw.

She had to fill out an "all about your animal and it's habitat" interview, which she had to conduct her own research for, turn that interview into a narrative report in written draft form, and then type it all up to be orally presented to her class in two weeks.

She started with the diorama this weekend.

She did all the research and filled out the interview first, which enabled her to create the macaw's habitat complete with rainforest backdrop; snails, insects, nuts and berries food sources; canopy housing; and a variety of friends. She's only missing it's predators which includes humans and monkeys.

She loved this homework assignment, she really got into the creative process of using things from around the house (no buying was encouraged!). It was really great to not hear the all-too-familiar groan accompanying the weekly "ugh, homework?" complaint.

Totally random but I love documenting how my kids look through the years: Here she is in the outfit she was wearing yesterday, Mother's Day.

It was the Pixar "friends and family" screening of Inside Out. She took a friend and really enjoyed the movie! I love those Hanna Andersson Mary Janes but, honestly, they haven't held up well to her playground abuse.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Olaf?!? A very happy fourth birthday party. #kids #motherhood #family #birthdays

Nolan doesn't turn four until June 2nd BUT with Gram in-town (for Pixar's InsideOut wrap party), we just had to have his party early as having a family party is tradition in our family until the kids are in school and have friends to invite over.

Nolan is obsessed with Frozen (who's kid isn't?!?) so, we ordered him some Frozen-themed party supplies and Emily spent the day before decorating for him. Sweet, right?

To keep things as low-key and simple as possible, because our weekend was jam-packed, Gram and I made cupcakes and frosting. Emily decorated them with the blue sprinkles and Frozen-themed edible toppers I purchased. 

While Nolan was napping this afternoon, Gram and I wrapped up the decorating. Once he was awake, he started asking for "his Frozen birthday party". He couldn't get down the stairs fast enough! :)

The four foot Olaf balloon was instantly his favorite! He hugged him, slapped him, tossed him around and dragged him all over the backyard.

Then, it was cake time!

We lit the four candles on his cupcake but he refused to blow them out. So, Emily did it for him and he dug in.

Then, it was present time! The stuffed, talking Olaf was a big hit. He carried it around most of the afternoon, even while opening other gifts, laughing at it and repeating "silly, Olaf!".

 He eventually got around to his other gifts which included a soccer ball and goal,

 A Melissa & Doug set of build-able construction vehicles,

It apparently takes strong muscles to open all this gifts ;)

A talking Ironman action figure (purchased because he played with one that belonged to another little boy last summer on a lunch outing in Texas and spent days after talking about it),

And two new games: a Frozen matching game and a PawPatrol board game.

Having Gram here always makes birthdays extra special, we are so lucky she flies out as often as she does, never missing important milestones.

For me, it was Emily offering to help so much, from cupcake decorating to present-opening, that made this birthday so special for everyone.

Even though I had already changed into my pajamas (I can't be the only person who likes to put on their pajamas at 5:00pm... right?), I didn't let the day end before taking a few pictures with my "main man" on the day of his big fourth birthday party. Is that Olaf photo-bombing our family picture?!?

 What a great afternoon celebrating my "main man" turning another year older!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

"There's a skipper on my nose!" -Emily #kids #motherhood #SAHM

My daughter LOVES all God's creatures, insects most especially.

And if it's an insect that flies, it's her number one favorite.

On hot days, we leave all the windows and doors open and insects fly in from time to time.

This little "skipper" as Emily calls them, landed right on her. Probably because of her strongly-scented sun screen. She was over the moon excited and demanded I take a photo immediately. She walked around with him on her nose for a good long while before we shooed him outside. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He knows them all thanks to "Steam Train, Dream Train"! #boymom #kids #SAHM #motherhood #trains

The Easter Bunny dropped off a new book for Nolan, Steam Train, Dream Train.

We read it every single night.

It's safe to say it's his favorite right now.

He loves to point out each type of train car and ask "what is that?" repeatedly.

Just yesterday I noticed, as he was building that day's train track, he was pointing at the cars he had lined up and was naming them... CORRECTLY!


"Reefer car"

"Tanker car"




He sounded off expertly.

He drove his train around and around for most of the day, making the "cccccchhhhhhhhhh" sounds of it letting off steam and "squuuueeeeaaaaakkkkk" of the wheels as the train came to a stop.

I caught him back at it again today.

He had me read the book as he played.